About the Course

Want to learn the exact strategy for profitably scaling your business with Facebook ads? This class is for you!

Join growth marketer Tanguy for , guides, checklists, and instructions on how to set up your Facebook ad account, then how to scale it using prospecting and re-marketing correctly while setting up campaigns optimized to leverage top or bottom of the funnel messaging.

We'll cover:

-All the factors that go into creating a profitable Facebook ad account.
-Top of the funnel
-Bottom of the funnel
-Audience building
-Account structure
-This class is for anyone in a marketing role. No prior knowledge is needed, but a basic understanding of ----Facebook ads will help.

Why you should join:

Learn how to scale your business with Facebook ads
How to create converting ads
How to create a long term marketing funnel on Facebook

Your Instructor

Tanguy Nolain 乌列尔

Tanguy Nolain 乌列尔

Co-Founder at Almond Brand Accelerator .Been working in the Advertisement industry for the past Four Year. Expert in no Code Web Development .

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